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AUDIO INTERVIEW: Click here to check out my recent interview on "Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe"
My song and interview begin about 18 minutes into this Second Life talk show.
TEXT INTERVIEW: Click here to read my interview with Traci Nubalo for THE VIRTUAL TIMES


Eric Steffensen

Eric is an acoustic rock performer and singer/songwriter from Salt Lake City who often performs in the Second Life virtual world.

Ranging from comical and laugh-out-loud songs to serious heartfelt songs, his voice and acoustic guitar will captivate and carry you through a wide range of emotions. Combining influences from rock, folk, blues and classical, Eric creates a sound that is familiar yet unique. His voice is often compared to the likes of Cat Stevens, John Popper from Blues Traveler and Steven Page from Barenaked Ladies.

Eric's lyrical themes encourage listeners to contemplate their own spirituality, self-improvement and mental awareness. Based on Eric's personal values and philosophies developed while he read tarot in coffee shops his sharply crafted lyrics act as a catalyst between performer and listener. So visual are his lyrics that listeners are compelled to stop and ponder the world from a new perspective.

Eric pours his heart, mind, body, spirit and soul into each of his live performances hoping his audience can take something away from each show to help through their day. Please join us for an opportunity to hear Eric for yourself.

email Eric at:

Listen to music, or click here to open in a new window.

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Me in real life, guitar in hand. Photo courtesy of Jamie Jones.
This busking thing doesn't seem too difficult! Photo courtesy of Jamie Jones.
Performing LIVE from Sugarhouse Coffee, Salt Lake City, Utah 2009. Photo courtesy of Jamie Jones.
Just me and my Taylor after a show. Photo courtesy of Jamie Jones.
Eric Steffensen circa 2004.
Official promotional texture for Second Life performances
Also taken from Cetus, this looked to me like it belonged in a modern art museum.
Performing LIVE from Second Life at The Pond. Picture courtesy of Perkey Felwitch.
When not performing, I enjoy exploring some of the amazing creations that builders come up with in Second Life. This picture is from Cetus, a sim where the architect experiments with new building techniques
INSPIRE Space Park is a place I find myself at occasionally, if only to float among the stars and planets. This picture is the result of me being inspired enough to experiment with Windlights.
Am I falling or am I floating? Is there a panel waiting at the bottom, judging my technique?
This picture from Cetus just doesn't do the build justice.
Also taken from Cetus, trying to see if there's any emotional healing in blue particle art. (There isn't, but I still thought it looked cool)
Exploring the China Sim inside an installation that's best described as a 3-D painting.
All times are in PACIFIC TIME. Click here to open in a new window.

Become a Facebook friend and see what I am up to around town and in your area. Visit me at facebook here.
Second Life! I perform virtually here quite a bit. Look at my events section to see when my next performance is, or visit me in Second Life here.
Twitter! A great way to instantly update friends and fans about what is going on with them and with me. Visit me at twitter here.
MySpace! One of the original social networking sites. Visit me at MySpace here.
YouTube! A great way to see me perform when you can't come to a gig. Visit me here to see my latest (and past) videos.! A great way to see me perform when you can't come to a gig. Visit me here to see my latest (and past) videos.
Visit me on iTunes to purchase my music.! A great place to hear samples and download my music. Visit me at here.
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